Art of the Point Cloud

A celebration of some of the most beautiful and striking
3D scans from around the world

‘Ifauna’ by Antoine Carton

In the last decade point cloud datasets, created using various scanning technologies, have revolutionised the way we document in three dimensions. But a surprising bi-product of this fascinating new technology is the extraordinarily beautiful images created as part of the process. Art of the Point Cloud is the first book to collect the very best in point cloud imagery from across the globe. Contributions come from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, amongst others. The full colour images found here are not only hugely appealing but also intriguing. The vast range of subject matter it is possible to scan is startling, from historic sites, topography, architecture and interiors to plants, machines, objects, animals and even people. This book is proof that art can be found in surprising places.